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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m a California native who recently returned after being away for 20 years. I’m a novice marathon runner, healthy treat maker, sunny nature lover, and a part-time homeschooling mother who will never pass up fresh whipped cream.



When I reached my thirties I realized I wasn’t enjoying life. I was certain my discontent was due to an imbalance in life. With this notion, I began focusing on how I could change my circumstances.

I made a list of things I could do to find balance in life. I tried adding things like, me time and exercise, and eliminating others like, unhealthy foods and unnecessary spending.

I started making these changes, and saw improvement in myself, but I could not find balance. Instead I found a great truth:

Balance in life does not exist. It is one of life’s great lies.

Complete stability, steadiness, fairness, and equality are not found in life because life is constantly evolving. If there was balance, it would defeat the purpose for existence: to improve and become better.

The truth is: balance is found in joy.

This is my journey to finding balance in joy. I am starting to focus on improvements over circumstances, people over choices, and abilities over successes. Just as joy is impossible without sorrow, becoming better is impossible without others. This journey is filled with other’s experiences; showing how they enjoy life and how others can find joy as well.

This blog will be taking you on my journey to finding balance in joy. I will be sharing:

– interviews with those who have helped me see joy

– their tips and tricks to how you can find joy in your imbalance

– my self discoveries of how I’ve found joy

Thanks for being here and click here to get started on your journey to finding joy.