Stop making excuses (part 1)


The other day I met up with a friend and fellow mom at the park. I noticed her freshly manicured nails and commented how nice they always look. Curious, I asked her how often she gets them done. She thanked me, replied “about every two weeks”, and then quickly followed with an excuse I hear often, especially from mothers; “it is the one thing I do for myself.”

I find myself saying this same phrase. Why?

My answer: we don’t want to appear selfish.

My friend went on to explain how she has gone to the same nail tech for 11 years (that’s a loyal client!) This nail tech has seen her through all four of her pregnancies and much of her adult life.

I have found one of the things I do for myself is exercise, particularly running. I didn’t always enjoy running. In high school it was something I merely did to stay conditioned for playing soccer. Now it is something I merely do for myself. It brings me happiness for a myriad of reasons.

We need to stop making excuses for doing things we enjoy. When I feel guilty I ask myself these three questions:

  1. Does this truly make me happy?
  2. Will it provide a way for others to be happy? (when I’m happy it radiates to others)
  3. Can greater happiness stem from it?

Now go do what makes you happy (without guilt).



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